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  1. you can check nozzle by open the return fuel line for each one then try to put each in in small then run the engine and check the level of each cup ,, must be few and equal.
  2. do not forget to Click on reputation . thanks
  3. do not forget to click on reputation. thanks
  4. MAN tga wiring diagram https://www.dropbox.com/s/ym6hgnrs2t6n52n/MAN.TGA.viring.diagram.rar pass : carmasters.org
  5. this is another wiring diagrams for FH12, FH16 https://www.dropbox.com/s/lb0vmff0b9itwb1/VOLVO_E.rar pass: carmasters.org
  6. hello this is volvo tuck FM Wiring manual https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry8u0kydz8v13m4/Wiring%20Diagram%20FM%20%28Euro5%29.rar pass : carmasters.org
  7. this is data sheet of mcp2551 High-Speed CAN Transceiver ,,that use in many device and same of ecu for the can communication. MCP2551.pdf
  8. hello is the QQ with AMT gear ??? if yes check first the oil level (if oil is low ,the pump will be so hot and its will take more current) second test the pump current if it equal or more the rated current of its fuse ,,, its mean the pump is fault and must replace .
  9. hello launch x431 is good device maybe slow but it have good diagnostic coverage especially for china cars ,usa cars , and euro car . for the update . i try justx431.com with my devices . for x431 master OK for x431 GX3 OK for diagon is OK too for the X431 HD not work (( the device cant connect to trucks).
  10. G scan is best tool for the KIA and hyundai after the dealer device (GDS).especially for the new module 2012-up ,, i have carman scan lite and Gscan 2 (new Gscan with OSCIlloscope and function generator) . the carman scan is good but the G-SCAN is best because its have all the update for new module like 1-key and smart key programming for the new module 2013-up 2-user option for new BCM ,2012-2014, 3-adaptive reset for AT is very effective ,
  11. hello can i change ECU ID using vcad pro ,,, i read about that on net but i dont found the MID 128 ID change field in vcads pro. i install ptt 1.2 with vcad 2.4 development mode . but i dont have dev2tool . ????
  12. hello the car is cranking or not ???? if its cranking ( its mean the immo is ok )try first to check fuel pump and the pressure regulator that connect to to top of fuel pump ,
  13. hello sorry mate ,, i try to calculate your key but i dont have right to down your file ,, so you can send your dumb to my skype and i will calculate your key as fast as possible.
  14. hello the BCM is the HART of the cruze and its do most the problem in this car .so you can replace its with new one or use one and you just need to swap the 24c16 from the old one to the new one and the car will run . ( the BCM location in middle of dash ,,in front of gear shaft ).black box with multi color socket .
  15. you cant replace ezs directly ,, just if the ezs have mechanical problem so you can read its data and write it to now ezs using MB star. for most key and ezs problem . 1-most fault is the key ( you must test it using any mb IR key testing device ) AK400 AK500 MBkeyprog .( the key must run ok and all information can be read from it like key number ,key state ,etc .. if same information was blank or the the key run ones and stop ones you must fix the key first (most times the key component need just re soldring spicily the coil and ir leds , 2- check the B+ for the EZS ( thin red wire in the small socket ). the S class not have ESL so you just need the EZS and key with two wire (B+ and GND )to test in on table ((the other mates say most this information ).

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