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  1. Hello One more time Good souls I have to shared Free with us if any need Race 2000 with key But need some help with " Database / Setting files" ( any one can upload ) ? On photo 3 You can see left file set or database to bmw 530d I look for set files or Dat to 530d e60 but if any good soul can upload more will be nice . Bad soul try make money with knowledge, Good Soul Shared knowledge without competicion Ish Ala
  2. Hello dears friends can help me find link or shared with me or on carmasters =) i look for race 2000 / r2000 cracked , any one good soul can help please? i can shared software and database too if any one need *Ecm titanium 1.61 full *Ecm2001 full *Swiftec demo *EDCSuite_v1.05 *Map3d 2009 *Pdfs + Video "Winols, Ecm, Training curse" *Checksum *Dpf_Egr_Lambda_DTC Remove *tachoSoft 23 Miellage *ELM327 SOftware windows *Obd Tuner windows *Data Garage *Torque + plugins mod full *X431 Pro Launch 2018 *Immo + video : Immo Universal Decode 3.3 Mod Easy Kill Edc17 OtoCheck Immo Killer 1.13 DasboardServiceTool MEED ecu decoding *database ori + mod files 10gb
  3. when i buy e250 2009 broke injectores and stay without assistent direction i sell var and get 530d e60 from 2005
  4. ECM Titanium 1.61 + драйвера

    https://mega.nz/#!eXgWxSoK!O_s57zctgu4F0-bAUuue3sQFAdjaM0zssO6Mp2fin0E use only folder DataBase https://mega.nz/#!eXgWxSoK!O_s57zctgu4F0-bAUuue3sQFAdjaM0zssO6Mp2fin0E use only database folder idont know if is safe version.. i use on pc without conection
  5. Ksuite v2 2.3 ++++v2.28

    thanks for up on mega nz to newbie download too, first time i have full kess info
  6. nice job , if ppl stay active all ready think about make carmaster team in all world ? will be great full comunity working in all world unit
  7. ECM Titanium 1.61 + драйвера

    26100 drivers i hope it help you copy only database folder EcmTitanium.rar
  8. i need download : BMW_E60_3l_218ps_0281012190_1037390905_SW_07811455 ORIGINAL BMW 5er E60-E61 530D EDC16C31 Bosch O_E1OTAA - 390905 TUN DPF EGR OFF.bin i