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  1. Just search on Google. Is allot of tutorials how to get out Bluetooth log on android 5. If not just use another phone to make crack files and then copy to android 5 new cracked brands. Easy... 🍻
  2. Make a test . Just copy benz in the phone and clean the storage from settings on app.DONT add something from you in the brand. Benz.txt If still not working , tell me what type of android do you use. You need to get out log file from bluetooth like other users said before.How to do it i attach an video for example.You can look for an exact tutorial for your version of android. Then create custom lib.std with md5, from bluetooth log. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9IFUJAZj9w
  3. Until other New solution will be found it you will not have information about how to do lib. Std big. Only to pay someone to do it for you. 😉 Stay on small lib. Is not a big difference.
  4. No. Give me 5 minutes. Before I always get error to connect. I get one Renault from Igor and with 2 files crack (small lib. Std) it was working 966 also. I don't know from where he have it 🤔 Works also. Now I'm really confused 🤔
  5. I know. Some last updates from other brands need some special attention like this ones from photos. Doesn't matter if I use crack with 2 files or 4 files But only for 966 dongle
  6. Eobd attached is my original one. Yes with small lib. Std is working without problems. Almost all brands. Some of them always errors for connecting.

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