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  1. when i buy e250 2009 broke injectores and stay without assistent direction i sell var and get 530d e60 from 2005
  2. ECM Titanium 1.61 + драйвера

    https://mega.nz/#!eXgWxSoK!O_s57zctgu4F0-bAUuue3sQFAdjaM0zssO6Mp2fin0E use only folder DataBase https://mega.nz/#!eXgWxSoK!O_s57zctgu4F0-bAUuue3sQFAdjaM0zssO6Mp2fin0E use only database folder idont know if is safe version.. i use on pc without conection
  3. Ksuite v2 2.3 ++++v2.28

    thanks for up on mega nz to newbie download too, first time i have full kess info
  4. nice job , if ppl stay active all ready think about make carmaster team in all world ? will be great full comunity working in all world unit
  5. ECM Titanium 1.61 + драйвера

    26100 drivers i hope it help you copy only database folder EcmTitanium.rar
  6. i need download : BMW_E60_3l_218ps_0281012190_1037390905_SW_07811455 ORIGINAL BMW 5er E60-E61 530D EDC16C31 Bosch O_E1OTAA - 390905 TUN DPF EGR OFF.bin i