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ecmtitanium 55k drivers download with script ahk

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Macros & hotkey AHK script for Ecm Titanium
Auto Search and Download Drivers
This script makes a daily max driver download easy and unattended

Automatics functions: Open exe ,Read Config.txt ,Configure Search, AutoSelect only Red drivers, Download driver, Counter downloads , Check Limit 24h drivers download, Close exe.

Config.txt file contains parameters like, word to search, loops max, error max and others.


This script only make automatic task search and download.

Wildcard to display all results from the database %%%

This script only works with genuinie software and full subscription of said program updated.

Limit download 100 drivers max. in 24h , starting at 00:00 hours everyday.

55.000 drivers / 100 drv limit x day = 550 days or 18 month

Only need this time and some patience for have alls drivers

This script use macros and hotkeys and is writed with ahk

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How much?


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