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  1. You may not assume that you know an international language that you never learned. Anna Mirochnik tells why people use complex emoji and simple emoticons, who decides how they will look on your device, and how, bypassing the bureaucracy of Unicode Corporation, make history with your own emoji. Presence of absence, absence of presence and aggressive points In 2013, Mark Liberman , a professor of linguistics at the Institute of Pennsylvania, complained to colleagues: “Recently, my 17-year-old son noticed that many of my texts seemed to him to be too pushy or even harsh, because I usually used a period at the end. It was about conversations by email. Mark wrote in full, detailed sentences and put dots at the end, as required by classical literacy. The desire to understand resulted in an interesting discussion and a number of studies of modern communications. One of the conclusions that Mark and his colleagues arrived at turned out to be that the scientist had neglected the superstructure, which is now being formed in writing. Previously, the spelling was used for the preservation and transmission of information, and people communicated verbally. Now we communicate in writing - and the norms of formal speech were not sufficiently adapted for new purposes. A few years ago, the presence of a smiley face seemed to give the interlocutor additional data (for example, that you are satisfied and smile). While the dot at the end of the sentence did not carry any information - you just completed the sentence. Today, just the absence of a smiley adds an additional meaning and it reads that something went wrong. And the end of the sentence point provokes additional questions like "Are you angry?" And "Something is wrong?". The dot has become an aggressive punctuation mark. A neutral in the speech was not the absence of a smile, but its presence. And not the presence of a point - and its absence. get more information about snapchat emoji meanings. more useful link. http://www.snapchatsemojimeanings.com/

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