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Важное изменение в правилах форума!!! Обязательно к ознакомлению: http://carmasters.org/topic/20603-поправка-к-правилам-форума-№1-всем-ознакомиться-в-обязательном-порядке/


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  1. use virtual box and winstall windows 7 32bits ( ecm titanium workk 99% not make custom drivers ) to edit drivers use ecm2001
  2. hello I have a problem save "custom driver" 1- open file on ecm titanium 2 - Ecm titanium open database search and find right driver 3- Press option "Custom Driver" 4- it ask if i wana new one or edit in Both option i can add new adress like egr etc 5 - when i press save ( open new windows ) 6 when i select type and model and write descripition and press "record" it dont save can help me fix it Or Any one have version working Custom driver? i have problem edit custome drivers!! Button Record not save =( Bottun
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