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  1. I have a problem for connecteur 966793343800 It's connected to a car. Firmware 11.60 PCB version 1.00.000 Boot 1.01.052 version 02.24 ONLINE
  2. 1. Connect only the STLINK to the computer in the USB connector. 2. Install the program STM32 ST-LINK Utility_v4.2.0. The driver will also be installed. 3. To be sure that you have STLINK, not JLINK, run the ST-LinkUpgrade program and update. 4. Connect the scanner to the STLINK and run the program STM32 ST-LINK Utility_v4.2.0. 5. Now we need to run the program. Press TARGET and CONNECT. Connections will not be. Because this is not a 2.0 scanner. This item can be omitted. That's why I say that the proto-pushing of the button does not read the datum from the scanner. 6. To read the dump, we need tweezers. They will need to be closed as a show on the picture. 7. Close the scanner in the right place and press Connect and immediately release the tweezers. The scanner will make a squeak. The program read your dump. We will not need it any more. This may not work from the 1 st time. Try again. 8. Now, for peace of mind, we save our dump to the computer. We change the value of "size" 1000 to 100000. 9. Click on the diskette icon and save to your computer. 10. Remove everything from the scanner. Press TARGET and select "ERASE CHIP" and OK 11. Now it will be necessary to fill in the dump. As we learn, you fill your dump. Press TARGET and select the item "PROGRAM & VERIFY ..." Choose where we have a dump (it is immediately read in the program) and press "START". 12. We are waiting for the end. 13. Done. The scanner is updated with a new bootloader and firmware or an old one. http://mhhauto.com/Thread-Scanner-EasyDiag-3-0-How-to-make-it-work-with-PRO-brands
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