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Actia Multi-Di@g Mdo 2015.1 Sp2 Vmware For Serial 093479 China 2011

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Actia Multi-Di @ g MDO 2015.1 SP2 VMWARE for Serial 093479 China 2011


For today since it's the 1st of october i have prepared another gift - Actia Multidiag 2015.1 with Service Pack 2 for old but gold VCI1. For those who tested my other release i know you will like this one too and i advice you to keep them both .


Virtual This Is A Machine a little more special, so please be careful and read the lines. I will not explain more then it's already written.


1.This virtual machine works only if you have an Intel processor that supports virtualisation, this means Intel processors Ix from second generation UP (4 numbers in model) not older.


2.This virtual machine it's frozen to the current state so this means that after any power off all that you leave inside will be gone but you have means to get files out from it while it's working (see READ.txt)


3.This virtual machine works only with interfaces that have serial number 093479 also known as china clones VCI1 2011.


4.I use Recommend To it with VMWare Player Get Get Get Wmware Workstation 6.0.7 or 10.0.5 minimum. (VM Workstation is compatible 9)


5.Extract archive to desired folder, double click on MDO2015.vmx and when you open the virtual machine for the first time click "i moved it"


Inside VIrtual Machine i left documentation, a pdf reader and a pdf printer to help you get diagnostic reports out of it to real pc. Also inside this VM is a watermark so like this it can not be sold over internet as many good stuff are. Has been vm This tested and retested by me and friends, I have no problems at all and was made ​​just for fun and of course for FREE.




PS The pic dump for this serial number is free in my collecton or here in download link with tutorial also if your interface has another serial.


If you receive an error while you open this VM it means that you processor it's not supported so do not bother to ask why this and that, simple answer is it's too old.



Archive Password: fantomel2015.1forfriends

Open VM Password: 6666


Multi-Di@g MDO 2015.1 SP2 VMWARE for Serial 093479.txt

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fantomel спасибо за проделанную работу, у меня все запустилось на версии Wmware Workstation 10.0.5 _Wigows 7, на версии 6.07 не заработала, пишет не соответствие версий...

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