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Изменены условия получения доступа к скачиванию с форума. Подробнее по ссылке: https://carmasters.org/topic/31567-изменение-в-правилах-форума-или-как-теперь-получить-доступ-на-скачивание/

Важное изменение в правилах форума!!! Обязательно к ознакомлению: http://carmasters.org/topic/20603-поправка-к-правилам-форума-№1-всем-ознакомиться-в-обязательном-порядке/


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This Halloween event will last from October 18th to November 1st in World of Warcraft. This allows players to have two weeks to get all the TBC classic Halloween epic rewards, including the exciting ones. the World of Warcraft Headless Horseman mount. To obtain the Headless Horseman mount, players need to defeat the Headless Horseman in the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Dungeon. In addition, if you currently want to Buy WOW TBC Gold, you can go to MMOWTS to have a look.
The above is the relevant content of the Headless Horseman mount that players need to know, and I hope to help you to a certain extent. If you want to get this rare mount as much as possible, you must actively participate in this event. MMOWTS has long been providing WOW players with TBC Classic Gold, which is cheap and fast in delivery. It is trusted by many novices and old players. Purchasing TBC Classic Gold in MMOWTS can not only help players save money, but also ensure that players' accounts will not have security issues.

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